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At this year's PW/NCP Prayer Breakfast, held on February 4, Rev. Dottie LaPenta shared with us the work that had been done by our our 222 PCUSA General Assembly in The Way Forward: Vision 2020. (Presentation notes)  Two of the areas of concerns-issues-hopes that many members  shared (Justice for all people and Education) overlap with those PW/NCP women over the past year have expressed. We have a strong desire to be very intentional and focused on these specific issues:
1.Violence and discrimination against women,
2. Women and health,
3. Poverty, inequality and climate change,
4. Education and the training of girls.

We are asking that each of us let your sisters know what issue you working on OR what you would like to focus on with others.
Please 'CLICK HERE'. to find out where and what is happening or could. For questions contact Mary Pat Brennan ([email protected])

Retiring National Capital Presbytery Moderator Ruling Elder Therese Taylor-Stinson shares her Sermon for the installation Service of Ruling Elder William Plitt on January 24, 2017.

You are one of us:
  • Interested in what is happening in your church at all levels (local, synod, national),
  • wanting to get in touch with others who are doing mission service that you are drawn to,
  • continuing to increase the quality and scope of your Bible studies
  • looking for people who care  about faith and social issues
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