Presbyterian Women
National Capital Presbytery           Synod of Mid-Atlantic

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Barbara Allen - Contact
Margaret Yeboah -C

CO-Vice Moderators: 

Madalena Aspiras - C

Sheila Weiss - C

Secretary: Char Wales - C

 Treasurer: June Eakin - C


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Judith Wenig - C


You are one of us:
  • Interested in what is happening in your church at all levels (local, synod, national),
  • wanting to get in touch with others who are doing mission service that you are drawn to,
  • continuing to increase the quality and scope of your Bible studies
  • looking for people who care  about faith and social issues

Peace & Hope

Please join us for a virtual
Prayer Gathering

February 13, 10am-12pm

Our program will include speakers:

Megan Klose and Le Quan Turner

Please use the following info to join  us on Saturday at 10 am

Connect to
Meeting ID  851 5803 6872
PW:   trinity


Welcome to our Resource information for

Fall 2020 Gathering
October 3
10 am - Noon

ZOOM  Meeting

A video from NEXT church was viewed by attendees followed by discussion.

Continued Study on Issues of Racism and Social Justice

Resources  For Continued Study

Racial Justice Resources From PC(USA)

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Please read the latest information regarding Churchwide Board activities. Open here The Gathering for 2021 is scheduled to be held in Saint Louis, August 5-8.


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 February 13
Prayer Gathering

 Zoom Gathering

 October 3
10 am -
FAll Gathering

Zoom Meeting

August 22
1:00 pm
 Fall Coordinating Team
Zoom meeting
Contact Moderator for sign up if you have not received it.
May 2
10 am - Noon
Zoom Meeting
Annual Business Meeting

 March 28
10  am - Noon
Coordinating Team

ZOOM meeting